Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison may refer to: *Thomas Harrison (architect) (1744–1829), English architect and bridge engineer *Thomas Harrison (cyclist) (born 1942), Australian cyclist *Thomas Harrison (footballer) (1867–1942), English footballer for Aston Villa *Thomas Harrison (general) (1823–1891), Confederate States Army brigadier general, district judge *Thomas Harrison (minister) (1619–1682), English nonconformist minister, active in Virginia and Ireland *Thomas Harrison (ship-owner) (1815–1888), Liverpool ship-owner *Thomas Harrison (soldier) (1606–1660), sided with Parliament in the English Civil War *Thomas Harrison (translator) (1555–1631), English Puritan scholar and a translator for the King James Version of the Bible *Thomas Harrison (surveyor), surveyor in Jamaica *T. Alexander Harrison (1853–1930), American artist *Thomas Elliot Harrison (1808–1888), civil engineer *Thomas Sinclair Harrison (1898–?), South African World War I flying ace *Thomas W. Harrison (1856–1935), U.S. Representative from Virginia (second name Walter; had a cousin Thomas Willoughby Harrison (1824–1910) West Virginia judge *Tom Harrison (baseball) (1945–2023), baseball pitcher *Tom Harrison (cricketer) (born 1971), English cricketer *Tom Harrison (musician) (born 1985), British jazz musician *Tom Harrison (politician) (1864–1944), Australian politician *Tommy Harrison (1892–1931), English boxer of the 1900s-1920s *Tommy Harrison (footballer) (born 1974), Scottish footballer for Heart of Midlothian Provided by Wikipedia
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